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Nersapp is a free school management system developed by nersapp technology to simplify and reduce the workload of educators. It is designed to cut cost, enhance and automate the systems and processes of schools.

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Some features of Nersapp

Everything you need in a school management system and more

Receive and manage payments seamlessly

Instead of relying on bank statements to know who paid what and when, use our payment processing system to receive and instantly record payments with remita, paystack and schoolable. Also record and track manual payments too

School fee loans for your parents

Tired of excuses and late fee payments? Receive your school fees on time by getting your parents to obtain fee loan seamlessly

Fast and easy result computation

Just supply the students’ scores in tests and exams and the software uses your academic settings to compute students results. With our special spreadsheets, students’ scores are uploaded in bulk either by teachers or admin to fast track result computation

Auto-generate Academic reports

After score have been uploaded, students Mid-term and Term reports and also broadsheets are auto generated

Career Path

Automated Guidance & Counselling

Excellent feature that aid parents/schools direct their wards/students towards the best career path based on verifiable cumulative data from student's grades, skills and behavioural performances.

Automated Guidance and Counselling
Infograph Performance Metrics
Performance Evaluation

Info-graph Performance Metrics

This awesome feature provide schools and school regulatory bodies with reliable detailed graphical metrics to measure and predict school and students' performance, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of staff.


More reasons to use Nersapp

Benefits for choosing our School Management System

Affordable Pricing Nersapp school management software is free to use but comes with optional in-app purchases such as bulk sms and report generation charges.
Feature Updates We keep-up with modern trends of development & user demands through regular updates and new modules.
Data Archiving & Retrieval Data & information are stored and retrieved consistently at any time without delay.
Support System We have an excellent support system available 24/7 to provide answers to questions and resolve issues you might encounter while using our services.
Cost Saver Nersapp saves schools tons of money that are traditional incurred in information storage, printing of reports & fee receipts, etc.
Backup & Security We implement routine backups & contingency plans for schools. Also we utilize advance online security protocols to guide against unauthorized personnel.

Nersapp Modules

Nersapp packs a suite of powerful features to provide better support experiences for customers

Members Manager

Enroll, visualize and manager school members

User Access

Students, teachers, parents & managers can use portal

Academic Manager

Academic toolbox for all your academic activities

Messaging System

Read, send mails via your portal & phones

Calendar & Event

Set & send announcement, special dates & events

Advanced Settings

Setup & customize portal to fit your school standard

Fee Payment

Get & manage payments quickly via bank and online

Multiple Themes & Layouts

Customize your portal view to suit your taste & style


Compile & generate student transcript quickly

Performance Evaluation

See performance of students & staff in a click

Admission & Enrollment*

Get new students admitted quickly online

Academic Timetable*

Setup exams and subject timetable in no time

Task & Assignment*

Create, assign, view and update student assignments online


Mark and keep track views of students/staff punctuality levels

Computer Based Test*

Switch on the power of CBT to conduct exams and test,

Polls & Reviews*

Review performances and conduct votes for students, teachers, activities, etc.


Easily pay your staff salaries without the rigorous paper work & manual tracking


All members maintain e-wallets, imburse & disburse to pay for fees, books, etc.


Take stock & restock usable items, track usage, performance and users


Record details on hostel usage, & hostel features like type of hostel, rooms, etc.

Document Manager*

Handle, copy, delete, rename, all backup files and documents.

Transportation Manager*

Manage transport system of your school, record vehicle info. & routes, etc.

Library Manager*

Librarian can manage books, students can search, reserve or issue books

Guidance & Counseling*

Receive direction for best career path with our automated counseling system

Recommended services


    We can carry out training of school member(s) at school premises for a fee. The onsite training fee is negotiable and depends on factors like modules, individuals to be trained, hours for the training and school location.


    Management services involves configuration of school portal, data collection and entry to the portal etc. Management Services Fee is negotiable and depends on factors such as the students size, other users and modules.

All School account comes with

  • Free Signup
  • Unlimited Subjects and Batches
  • Unlimited School Members
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • SSL Security
  • Online Documentation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Optional in-app purchases such as Bulk SMS & Report Card Charges


Common questions and answers

  • Is your software actually free?

    Yes really, it is free to sign up and use. We want it to be free forever, use our software as much as you want. However, we charge a token of ₦100 per result if you decide to generate student report card. We also make money from Bulk SMS.

  • Do I need to download and install Nersapp?

    No, Nersapp is a web-based school management system and so can only be accessed online. We however have special spreadsheets that allow you do bulk of your task offline and then upload later.

  • Does Nersapp require additional software?

    No software or plug-in is required for use.
    However, you can download and install our android mobile app.

  • Is my data safe?

    Your data is completely safe. We also do routine backups as contingency plan. We use SSL encryption to protect your connection with us.


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Nersapp Technology is a highly dynamic software firm whose vision is to be number one in the software development industry by blending ingenuity with unbeatable levels of technical, business, marketing and management expertise.

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To be the preferred School Management Software provider for all the major players in Education sector around the globe, through top-class consultancy and software solution delivery services.

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Our approach to business is firmly placing innovation, professionalism, technological edge, passion, reliability, honesty, performance, punctuality and security as the foundation of every solution that we provide ahead of our economic benefits.

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